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    Mark Meshulam. </br>The Chicago Window Expert

    Mark Meshulam. The Chicago Window Expert

    Mark Meshulam, the Chicago Window Expert has over 33 years experience in construction, consulting, contracting, laboratory and field testing, forensic investigations, insurance claims and expert witness work. He specializes in windows, glass, mirrors, curtainwalls, entrances, skylights, panel systems, louvers, window films, sealants and similar architectural products.

    Mr. Meshulam is often involved with claims, insurance claims and disputes involving leakage in the building envelope, failure of building envelope components (such as glass breakage, leaks and sealant failure), and also personal injury arising out of such products, including injuries from glass breakage and detachment.

    He offers his expertise to property owners who face planning decisions regarding the future of building components, such as whether windows should be repaired or replaced, proper selection of low-e glass, proper detailing for sealant applications, and cost-benefit studies.

    In his capacities at Builders Architectural Products, Inc., one of Chicago’s largest glazing contractors, Meshulam was directly involved with the performance of hundreds of construction projects covering the full range of buildings from single family to 57 story high-rises, totaling millions of square feet of installed products.

    Experience includes commercial buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, power plants, penal institutions, factories, multi-family, and historic renovation, including the renowned Field Museum of Natural History.

    Drawing upon his experience as a contractor, Mr. Meshulam is able not only to ascertain the codes and standards most applicable to a given matter, but also to address with authority industry practices not necessarily published.

    Mockup of part of a future building, built at Construction Research Laboratory in Miami for a project in Chicago. Mockup was tested for air infiltration, water penetration, structural and thermal.

    Mockup of part of a future building, built at Construction Research Laboratory in Miami for a project in Chicago. Mockup was tested for air infiltration, water penetration, structural and thermal.

    As Director of Engineering for Builders Architectural Products, Inc., he directed the work of draftsmen and structural engineers, creating a cross-referencing system for relating shop drawings details with structural calculations, as well as producing a volume of drafting standards that were successfully employed for numerous large scale projects.

    Meshulam is responsible for scores of original aluminum extrusion designs used on custom projects to meet unique project specifications, along with the direct involvement with manufacturers required to successfully produce the new or innovated products.

    Committed to field quality control, Meshulam issued illustrated installation manuals for selected projects, and taught training courses for installers. Meshulam now brings these clear, highly illustrated presentation methods for the benefit of clients, to assist in simply communicating difficult technical problems and accurately presenting an opinion.

    Meshulam is an accomplished author and speaker, having published over 50 trade articles and having spoken at numerous industry events.

    See a collection of Mark Meshulam’s projects here.

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