Window glass is an important and complex subject. Glass is in nearly every building where it may perform well, or maybe not so well. Architects, engineers and building owners need an experienced glass consultant to assist in deciding how to specify window glass for new construction, glass replacement or refurbishment. There are many choices to make.We bring the benefit of over 37 years of experience in the glass industry to these professionals with information they need.

We help answer your questions about window glass services, such as

  • What “U-factor” should I specify?
  • What glass thickness will meet wind load?
  • What are the relative costs of different glass types?
  • What SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) is right for my building?
  • Should I specify different performance for different elevations?
  • Should I use a pyrolytic or vacuum deposition Low-E coating?
  • What surface should the Low-E coating be applied to?
  • Should I use argon or krypton in the airspace?
  • Will my insulated glass need breather tubes?
  • Is there a way to repair fogged insulated glass?
  • Should I use a single seal or dual seal insulated unit?
  • What warm edge technology is the most reliable?
  • Where should I use safety glass?
  • Should I use safety glass in areas not required by code?
  • What type of safety glass should I use?
  • Are applied window films effective?
  • Is vacuum glass technology ready for use on my building?
  • Can I incorporate dynamically dimmable glass in my new windows?
  • Is PV (photovoltaic) ready to be incorporated into my design?
  • How can I make sure my glass is hurricane resistant?
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