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  • Insurance Claim Investigation

    Insured parties and carriers alike can find insurance claim issues involving windows and glass difficult to unravel. The cause of the loss may difficult to establish or refute without experience in the glazing industry. We have been effective in supporting the efforts of claimants and carriers alike in their quest for a fair resolution.

    Examples of claims where our contribution brought an equitable settlement…

    Residential insurance claims (including multi family):

    • Water damage and mold due to leaky windows
    • Hail damage to roofing shingles, siding and glass
    • Water damage to walls from roof leak

    Commercial insurance claims:

    • Glass injury at public venue
    • Weld splatter damage to new glass during construction
    • Personal injury from bathroom mirror that detached
    • Storm damage to insulated glass
    • Glass injury due to detached storm window

    Read more…
    Storm Damage to Windows and Glass

    For Insurance Claim Investigation for Claimants or Carriers…
    Contact Mark Meshulam at:

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With water testing completed, structural testing is next. The chamber is pressurized up to design pressure, both positive and negative while deflection readings are taken. Here the lab technicians rig the structural test gauges.


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