Each year thousands of injuries or fatalities occur when glass breaks. Glass injuries can occur with window glass, storefront glass, mirrors, shower doors and tub enclosures. We use our extensive experience as a glazing contractor and glass consultant to investigate glass injuries.

Here is what we do:

  • Check building codes for safety glazing requirements
  • Check building codes for the need for limited sash opening devices
  • Check building codes for compliance with wind loads
  • Check building codes for hurricane or blast requirements
  • Inspect the site for factors that contributed to the injury
  • Inspect the site for quality of maintenance
  • Review the history of the property for prior glass replacement or injury
  • Destructive testing of glass for impact
  • Collect detailed measurements of glass, hardware and other involved objects
  • Issue easy to understand, technically supportable reports enhanced with photos and illustrations

Want a Glass Safety Check?
We survey property for glass & mirror safety in order to make recommendations to help you make your property as safe as possible.

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