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  • Condensation Investigation & Testing for Windows and Buildings

    Condensation at windows and in buildings requires a multi-disciplinary approach because
    condensation may result from unusually cold objects (such as windows) or excessively moist air or both. Often, more than one aspect of the building is out of balance, bringing about difficult-to-fix window condensation.

    Our approach, as a result, involves multiple steps. We bring our portable test equipment to your building anywhere in the United States or Canada. Our results are presented in an easy to understand, highly illustrated report.

    Here is what we do to investigate condensation:

    • Review window shop drawings and architectural drawings
    • Review physical condition of windows and surrounding environment
    • Review weather and interior environmental conditions for time when condensation occurs
    • Measure surface and air temperatures using metering and infrared thermography
    • Measure humidity with hygrometer
    • Measure moisture in surrounding materials with invasive and non-invasive moisture meter
    • Look inside walls with endoscopic video camera
    • Test window air infiltration with chamber, blower, manometer and flowmeter
    • Review HVAC system for fulfillment of HVAC requirement
    • Review HVAC system for fulfillment of exhaust requirement
    • Review HVAC system for fulfillment of air distribution requirement
    • Review clothes dryer and duct for code compliance, makeup air, slope and tightness
    • Test air for carbon monoxide
    • Review building envelope for vapor barrier, vapor permeance and tightness
    • Destructive testing if indicated

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    1. Hello Mark,

      Is there a coating than can be applied to aluminum to prevent or inhibit condensation?

      I would like to use aluminum studs for a small shed.

      Maybe something like Rhino lining or Gator lining.

      Thanks for your help,

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