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  • Expert Witness & Investigation of Window Falls

    Each year hundreds of injuries occur when people, especially children, fall from windows. Many of these window fall injuries can be fatal.

    Window falls can occur with windows, storefronts and curtainwalls.

    We utilize our extensive experience as a glazing contractor/window & glass consultant to determine the cause or multiple causes of window falls.

    Here is what we do…

    • Check the prevailing building codes with regards to the need for safety glazing
    • Check the prevailing building codes with regards to the need for limited sash opening devices
    • Check the prevailing building codes with regards to compliance with wind load requirements
    • Inspect the site for factors that might have contributed to the window fall
    • Inspect the site for level of maintenance
    • Review the history of the building with regard to window falls and safety
    • Survey, quantify and identify contributing variables
    • Destructive testing of windows for safety
    • Collect detailed measurements of windows, glass, hardware and other involved objects
    • Issue easy to understand yet technically supportable reports which are highly illustrated and persuasive

    Want a Window Safety Check?
    We survey property for window safety and will make recommendations to help you make your property as safe as possible.

    Read more…
    Deadly Falls from Windows – Preventable?

    For expert witness and investigation of window falls…
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