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  • Insulating Glass Dew Point Testing

    Dewpoint glass testing helps to determine if insulated glass seals are performing well or if they are near failure. We bring our portable test equipment to your project to test the dewpoint which occurs inside your insulated glass units using ASTM E546 Insulated Glass Frost/Dewpoint test equipment. The dewpoint inside the insulating glass is a good indicator of the unit’s quality and longevity.

    This is the test method we use…

    • ASTM E546 – 08
      Standard Test Method for Frost/Dew Point of Sealed Insulating Glass Units

    When would I want to perform insulated glass dewpoint testing?

    • Window manufacturer checking quality of outsourced insulated glass
    • Contractor testing quality of newly installed glass
    • Building owner testing condition of existing glass
    • Building owner who has experienced glass failures, to determing extent of problem
    • Building inspectors to determine anticipated longevity of existing insulated glass
    • Glass consultant assessing and testing glass quality in the event of failure or dispute

    Other glass-related services…

    • Survey glass for condensation between panes
    • Survey glass for scratches
    • Survey glass for Low-E coating imperfections

    Read more…
    Insulated Glass Seal Failure
    Thermal Images of Insulated Glass Types

    For Insulating Glass Dew Point Testing…
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    2 Responses to “Insulating Glass Dew Point Testing”

    1. Hi Mark,

      I found your name on the Internet. My wife and I live in a 10 year old townhouse in Oak Park, IL, and our JELD-WEN doors and windows seem to loose much of their insulating and soundproof (we live next to L train) qualities in recent year or two. We are planning to replace them in the near future (this year perhaps), it is a big cost of course, and we wonder if we can still repair them, and if replacement is necessary, what kind of windows should we install (we want them to last more than 10 years). Do you provide such expertise? how much such expertise costs?
      Please let me know.

      Marek Daracz,

      Oak Park IL

    2. In my experience, most windows can be repaired, especially if they have insulated glass. I do provide consultation on how to fix windows.

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