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    I had an extremely difficult liability case which involved a window, near an indoor amusement venue, that broke and fell upon my client, causing him serious injuries. I had no clue what, if any, expert would be able to evaluate what caused this to happen, but Mark was up to the task. He was thorough, careful, and also a wonderful teacher to his audience in explaining how this, seemingly unexplainable, event occurred. I would definitely use him again.
    Attorney at The Collins Law Firm, P.C.
    Naperville, Illinois

    I had the opportunity to engage Mark Meshulam as a consultant in a case involving a storm window that had become dislodged from a 3rd story apartment window and hit my client’s head and neck, injuring her. Our case required proof of how the window was maintained (allowing it to come loose), how it actually dislodged and became a flying object, as well as how it traveled from the frame to where my client was standing. Mark grasped the issues quickly and had ready solutions for how to gather the necessary evidence and translate it into simple and clear opinions about what happened. My hope was that his testimony would strengthen our case and my belief is that it was a vital component in obtaining a successful resolution for my client. I would recommend Mark for legal work and can recognize that he would be a valuable counsel for all sorts of issues involving window construction and components. He was very organized and professional and I enjoyed working with him.
    Jim Coogan, Partner
    Dwyer & Coogan, P.C.
    Injury Attorneys
    Chicago, IL

    I am a trial attorney with offices in California, Utah, and Arizona. I have been practicing for over 12 years and have retained many experts in various diverse areas. I was retained on a case in Vail, Colorado involving injuries sustained by my client from a glass shower door that shattered on him while he was staying in a high-end vacation rental property. I contacted Mark Meshulam upon being retained. I was immediately impressed with Mark’s knowledge in the area and his ability to explain and convey his knowledge and opinions. Mark was able to thoroughly and efficiently assess the case and give me a reliable opinion on the potential causes for the glass failure. Mark ended up acting as our retained expert in the case and he did an excellent job. He provided a detailed, thorough, and persuasive expert report. He sat for a deposition and handled himself as well as any other expert with whom I have dealt. I would highly recommend Mark as an expert or consultant.
    Mark T. Kearney
    Smith LC
    Irvine, CA

    Mark investigated the issues we were having with faulty windows, and pinpointed the problem in a very short period of time. He then provided us with a watertight case proving that there was a manufacturing defect, and our windows were repaired by the manufacturer. Without Mark’s experience and knowledge we could have been in for a very long dispute with the manufacturer and may never have resolved the issue. We were very impressed with his professionalism and competence and highly recommend him.
    Christopher Ball
    Director of Photography
    Nova Scotia, Canada

    I hired Mark to do water testing on one of the most unique and historic buildings in Milwaukee and cannot say enough good things about his company. We had a severe water leak and on one day Mark was able to isolate it and identify the problem that had been occurring for years. He does what he says he will do on time and on budget.
    Gerry Arnholt
    Tripoli Shrine Center
    Milwaukee, WI

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    1. If this occurred to my entry door, who is responsible for replacement when it’s out of warranty? I’m getting the run-around by the sales company and the manufacturer. Everyone tells me that tempered glass doesn’t spontaneously break. The manufacturer even stated that the breakage could be caused by slamming the door too hard or something hitting it.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


    2. Dawn, the picture you sent me shows glass broken in much larger particles than would be normal in tempered glass, and the focal point of the break is not clear. There is something clearly wrong with that glass.

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