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  • By Mark Meshulam

    Mark Meshulam is an expert witness and consultant for windows, glass and building exteriors.

    This is the very first posting of Chicago Window Expert… welcome!

    Windows (the building kind, not the Bill Gates kind), have become an increasingly pivotal element of almost every building, whether new or existing.

    Building design is dominated by windows and glass

    Building design is dominated by windows and glass, as can be seen in this sampling of Builders Architectural window projects.

    Windows provide a great view, one of the most important selling points of any property.

    The outside appearance of any building’s windows is usually that structure’s single strongest architectural expression.

    Windows keep the outside climate at bay while providing a comfortable indoor climate at any time of the year.

    The degree to which windows perform their many and varied functions has a great effect on property value.

    In short, windows have become very important!

    Nothing important is ever simple, and windows are no exception. The process of selecting windows for a building is a challenge worthy of an experienced window consultant.

    Diagnosing problems and designing fixes is a specialty requiring combined skills of a window consultant experienced in material sciences, physics, hvac, meteorology and structural engineering.

    It is my hope that my 30 years of experience, and my company’s 50 years of history will provide a rich source of answers to the many questions you may have on this diverse and very current topic. I encourage you to submit questions and comments.

    Welcome to Chicago Window Expert!

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