Construction Consultant shaped the Chicago skyline
Mark Meshulam, Construction Consultant helped shape the Chicago skyline

About Chicago Window Expert

My name is Mark Meshulam. I am a Construction Consultant with about 40 years of construction experience. My specialty: building facades. Facades are what you see when you stand back and, hopefully, admire the building.

I stumbled into the window/glass/facade industry in 1981 and have never looked back. My first 30 years in facades was as a window & glazing contractor at Builders Architectural Products. These last 9 years, I have been a Construction Consultant, specializing in building facades.

Building facades, an exciting field

Building facade is an exciting field with ever-evolving technology. In this field, you literally never stop learning, and you never get bored.

Mark Meshulam, Chicago Window Expert, is a construction consultant in Chicago
Mark Meshulam, Chicago Window Expert is a Construction Consultant based surprisingly, in Chicago

On the other hand, when you build buildings, you can bore your friends and family by repeatedly pointing out all the projects you ever worked on. “Did I ever tell you the interesting story about the revolving doors on this high rise? I did? Do you want to hear it again?”

For these reasons I encourage a career in construction.

Building facade knowledge is lacking

Unfortunately, the accumulated wisdom of the construction industry remains largely undocumented. Trades knowledge is one of the last bastions of the oral tradition, handed down from limping old-timer to buffed & tattooed newbie on the way to the roach coach. Many of us make up our own construction terms (“sleevo bar”) and theories (“condensation is caused by cold air hitting warm air’) as we go along.

Window and curtainwall design, troubleshooting and testing are rarely taught in school. Certainly there is no school for construction or facade consulting. We just learn it as we go. Things could be better on the educational front.

How to become a construction consultant

If you want to be a building consultant, for instance, school is nice but you really need to get out there. Hear the noise on the construction site. Touch things, drill some holes.  Get dirty. Test things. Shiver. Watch bundled up workers endure cold and wind as they perform precise installation.

Then run back to your computer screen in your heated office and get the expresso machine cranking, but with a new appreciation.

Please enjoy my small effort at bringing years of hands-on experience to those of you who, like me, are fascinated with building…

Welcome to Chicago Window Expert!

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