Mark Meshulam, construction consultant
Mark Meshulam, Construction Consultant

About Mark Meshulam

My name is Mark Meshulam. I am a construction consultant with 40+ years of experience. I stumbled into the construction industry in 1981 and have never looked back. It is an exciting field with ever-evolving technology. In this field, you literally never stop learning.

I spent the first 30 years as a facade contractor, furnishing and installing window, entrances, curtainwalls, skylights and other engineered facade products in the Chicago market with a company called Builders Architectural Products. Within that company, I created a consulting division called Builders Architectural Repair & Testing because sometimes our clients needed help, not products.

Here are some of the important matters that came, and continue to come our way:

  • A woman injured when a storm window detached from a building and struck her
  • A new high-rise that suffered an epidemic of spontaneous glass breakage
  • A child who was injured when a shower door shattered on him
  • A condominium that suffered from a severe mold outbreak due to water leakage through exterior walls
  • An apartment building that suffered severe condensation on the windows
  • A brother and sister who fell from an unsecured hotel window (luckily they lived)
  • A boy who fell from the bedroom window of the family’s new home (tragically he did not survive)
  • Three murder cases in which broken glass was part of the evidence
  • A sad case where two women leaned against a hotel window, broke through and fell from heights (one survived, one didn’t)
  • Consulting with an architectural firm about replacing a huge skylight at a university
  • Consulting with an architectural firm about selecting and detailing new windows for 4 new high-rises
  • Consulting with a general contractor about managing quality window installation for three new high rise residences

Now, operating as Mark Meshulam LLC with websites and, we are full-time construction consultants with many years of hands-on experience under our belt.

We are here to bring our deep experience in the construction industry to you as a construction consultant. We can help you analyze and fix a problem, be your expert witness in litigation, or help you get the best possible quality from your project.