Condensation investigations requires a multi-disciplinary approach.  Window condensation may result from cold window surfaces, very moist air or both. Usually, more than one aspect of the building is out of balance. Because of the multiplicity of factors, condensation investigations can be challenging.Our approach to condensation investigation involves multiple steps. We bring test equipment to your building anywhere in the world. Then the detective work begins.

Condensation investigation report
Condensation investigation report

When conclusions are reached, we present results in an easy to understand, highly illustrated report.

Depending upon the needs and budget of your project, these activities may be included in your condensation investigation:

  • Window shop drawing and architectural drawings reviews, searching  for thermal bridging
  • Inspection if the physical condition of windows and surrounding environment
  • Analysis of weather and interior climate
  • Measurement of surface and air temperatures using metering and infrared thermography
  • Measurement of absolute and relative humidity
  • Capability to look inside walls with endoscopic camera
  • Window air infiltration testing
  • Review of HVAC system for fresh air, exhaust and  distribution
  • Check clothes dryer and ductwork for makeup air, slope and tightness
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Review building vapor barrier
  • Destructive testing if indicated

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