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Construction Consultant Mark Meshulam prepared for any eventuality, on location in Singapore

Mark Meshulam, aka Chicago Window Expert is an expert Construction Consultant. He has 40 years experience in the construction industry. His experience includes  contracting, laboratory and field testing, forensic investigations, insurance claims and expert witness work.


Meshulam provides expert construction consulting on building facade elements including:

  • Windows and curtainwalls
  • Glass and mirrors
  • Entrances and skylights
  • Panel systems
  • Window films
  • Sealants and other architectural products

dewpoint test


Mark Meshulam, Construction Consultant conducting an insulating glass dewpoint test

Expert Problem Solver

Meshulam dives deep into these types of problems:

  • Building or window leaks
  • Sealant failure
  • Injury or deaths related to windows and doors
  • Injuries or death from glass breakage
  • Injuries or death from window falls

Clients who need an Expert Construction Consultant

Mark Meshulam provides Construction Consultant services to attorneys, contractors, property owners, architects, and insurance carriers. 

Roots in the Window & Glass Industry

Mark Meshulam’s experience comes from 30 years as a window and glass contractor. He came up through the organization at Builders Architectural Products, Inc. (BAP), one of Chicago’s largest glazing contractors. He became an owner of BAP after 10 years as an employee.

Meshulam has been directly involved with hundreds of construction projects. These totaled millions of square feet of installed products. Roles included Sales Engineer, VP Operations, Executive VP and Director of Engineering. 

Building Types

Meshulam’s projects are both rehab and new construction. Building types includes commercial buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, power plants, penal institutions, factories, multi-family, and historic renovation, including window replacement at the renowned Field Museum of Natural History. 

Mockup of part of a future building, built at Construction Research Laboratory in Miami for a project in Chicago. Mockup was tested for air infiltration, water penetration, structural and thermal. As a Construction Consultant, Meshulam is deeply involved with testing.


Mockup of part of a future building, built at Construction Research Laboratory in Miami for a project in Chicago. This mockup was tested for air infiltration, water penetration, structural and thermal. As an expert Construction Consultant, Meshulam is deeply involved with construction testing

Director of Engineering

As Director of Engineering for BAP, Meshulam directed the work of draftsmen and structural engineers. He produced standards for shop drawings and structural calculations to ensure highest quality.

Aluminum Extrusion Design

Meshulam designed scores of original aluminum extrusions. These were used on projects to meet custom requirements. To implement these designs, he worked directly with manufacturers.

Author and Speaker

Meshulam is an accomplished author and speaker. He has published over 80 trade articles and has also produced informative videos. Meshulam has spoken at industry events and appeared on TV news many times. 

Quality, Training, Communication

Window installer manual that can be created by a construction consultant


50 page installation manual created by Mark Meshulam for the installation of windows at 505 N. State Street, Chicago..This was accompanied by classroom training for the installers. As your expert Construction Consultant, Meshulam can create this type of documentation for your project.

Meshulam is committed to field quality control.  He has written illustrated installation manuals and taught training courses for installers. This served him well at BAP and now as an expert Construction Consultant.

Meshulam brings his clear, highly visual presentation methods to clients. He is effective in communicating technical problems in a clear and simple way. His opinions are clearly illustrated. As a result, they are more persuasive.


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