Expert Witness: Window Falls

Expert Witness Service

Expert Witness: Window Falls

Each year hundreds of window falls happen, often to children. Window falls can be fatal. We utilize our extensive experience as a glazing contractor to find the causes of the falls and who is responsible…

Expert Witness: Glass Injury

Each year thousands of people are hurt when glass breaks. Glass injuries can be disfiguring or fatal. Glass injuries occur with window, storefronts, mirrors, and shower doors. We utilize our extensive experience…

Insurance Claim Investigation

Insured parties and claims adjusters alike can find issues regarding windows, glass, and facade difficult to unravel. In these cases, the cause of the loss may be difficult to establish or refute without experience …

Construction Defect

Mark Meshulam is an expert witness and consultant for windows, glass and building exteriors.

Broken glass at crime scene

Crime Scene Evidence

Understanding and preserving glass evidence can make your case stick!….

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