Construction Forensic Investigation

Sometimes you need to look under the hood to find the problem. This true of cars and building facades. When puzzling building problems occur, the most direct approach may be a construction forensic investigation.  This means to use scientific methods to discover the cause. Often it also means, take the construction apart and look inside.

Forensic investigation of construction glass
Mark Meshulam a.k.a Chicago Window Expert checks quality of glass before it is tested for impact resistance. This followed a construction forensic investigation into a glass breakage problem at a university in Chicago.

We forensically disassemble troubled parts of the building facade, layer by layer until the problem becomes clear.

Every step of the forensic disassembly is documented. We issue clearly explained and well illustrated reports describing the problem.

Then, based upon our 40 years of experience and scientific principles, we propose repairs. Upon request, we may perform the indicated repairs test them for effectiveness.

Areas of Construction Forensic Investigation

Workmen perform construction forensic investigation of window in high rise building
Workmen perform  investigation of window in high rise building
Construction forensic investigation performed in a window factory
This investigation led to observation of window fabrication in the factory
Construction forensic investigation includes removal of window
Window leak problem was investigated by removing a newly installed window. Forensic investigations can occur during construction

Areas of Investigation

These are typical building issues that can be candidates for a forensic investigation:

  • Caulk/Sealant failure
  • Coping leaks or failure
  • Curtainwall leaks or failure
  • EIFS (or stucco) leaks or failure
  • Flashing leaks or failure
  • Glass breakage
  • Glass fogging or seal failure
  • Masonry leaks or failure
  • Panel system leaks or failure
  • Roofing leaks or failure
  • Storefront leaks or failure
  • Window leaks or failure

Tools and Equipment Used

 Device for measuring air quality such as VOCs and formaldehyde
A recent forensic investigation involved locating the source of a chemical smell in a wall. This device helped discover that the source was premature deterioration of the caulk
Work men investigate glazing leak from swing stage
Window glazing leak is investigated by workmen from a swing stage
Device for measuring temperature, relative humidity and absolute humidity is used in some construction forensic investigations
Sensitive and accurate device for measuring temperature, relative humidity and absolute humidity. It is used in construction forensic investigations where climate conditions are at issue

Tools and Equipment Used

  • Boom lift / scissors lift
  • Caulk/sealant guns and tools
  • Data loggers for moisture and temperature
  • Glass thickness and coating meter
  • Glazing cups and glazing tools
  • Hand tools and power tools
  • High Resolution Camera
  • Humidity meter, including absolute humidity
  • Infrared camera
  • Masonry tools
  • Moisture indicator paper
  • Moisture meter
  • Polariscope for finding stresses in glass
  • Safety equipment (Personal Protective Equipment) Scaffolding
  • Thermometer and thermocouple

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