A glass consultant provides critical information to:

  • Specifiers who specify window and curtainwall glass for buildings
  • Building owners who experience glass problems such as glass breakage or fogging of glass
  • Attorneys who are pursuing matters involving glass defects or glass safety
  • Manufacturers who have issues with glass quality of performance

What does a glass consultant do?

A glass consultant utilizes professional experience and education for the benefit of clients

A glass consultant employs testing equipment to test glass quality.

A glass consultant performs forensic investigations to determine the nature and extent of problems and failures. 

A glass consultant educates clients and other parties regarding the technical aspects of an issue 

A glass consultant renders opinions regarding causes and solutions of problems


Why are glass consultants needed?

Glass is a lot more complicated than it looks. Take what might seem like a simple case: a glass shower door shatters and injures the bather. is this a simple matter? Not at all.

A glass consultant would review the age of the installation and the parties involved.


We help answer your questions about window glass services, such as

  • What “U-factor” should I specify?
  • What glass thickness will meet wind load?
  • What are the relative costs of different glass types?
  • What SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) is right for my building?
  • Should I specify different performance for different elevations?
  • Should I use a pyrolytic or vacuum deposition Low-E coating?
  • What surface should the Low-E coating be applied to?
  • Should I use argon or krypton in the airspace?
  • Will my insulated glass need breather tubes?
  • Is there a way to repair fogged insulated glass?
  • Should I use a single seal or dual seal insulated unit?
  • What warm edge technology is the most reliable?
  • Where should I use safety glass?
  • Should I use safety glass in areas not required by code?
  • What type of safety glass should I use?
  • Are applied window films effective?
  • Is vacuum glass technology ready for use on my building?
  • Can I incorporate dynamically dimmable glass in my new windows?
  • Is PV (photovoltaic) ready to be incorporated into my design?
  • How can I make sure my glass is hurricane resistant?

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