Each year thousands of injuries or fatalities occur when people fall from windows. Window falls can occur with windows, storefronts, skylights and curtainwalls. The most vulnerable group is children, however college students can also be an at-risk population.

Children can unexpectedly climb up to windows and lean against unsecured window screens. College students may be drinking and sitting on window ledges. In each of these too-common situations, the person can fall from the window in an eye blink with disastrous results. For these and other situations the window industry and code agencies have developed standards for restricting window openings. A new class of WOCD, or window opening control device, has been developed.

We utilize our extensive experience as a glazing contractor/window and glass consultant to determine the causes of falls from windows. This helps lead to a determination of responsible parties.

Here is what we do…

  • Review building codes for safety glazing requirements
  • Check building codes for the need for limited sash opening devices
  • Check building codes for compliance with wind load requirements
  • Inspect the site for factors that might have contributed to the casualty
  • Inspect the site for level of maintenance
  • Review the safety record of the building
  • Destructive testing of windows
  • Collect detailed measurements
  • Issue illustrated, easy to understand, technically supportable reports

Want a Window Safety Check?
We survey property for window safety and fall prevention. We then make recommendations to help make your property as safe as possible.

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