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Willis Tower and 311 S. Wacker, Chicago
Original architectural background images from Chicago Window Expert.
Spherical nickel sulfide inclusion ball
A rare impurity known as a nickel sulfide inclusion is a tiny metallic ball that grows over time with sufficient force that it can catastrophically shatter tempered glass. This is what nickel sulfide inclusions look like.
Before building the actual building, the best projects include the construction of a project specific mockup for testing. Here is a look inside some of the best labs in the USA.
Mark Meshulam, aka Chicago Window Expert is providing consulting and testing services to GC client Montage, Inc. Montage has the contract to replace windows in the 100 year old US Ambassador's Residence in Tokyo, Japan. Here is a peek behind the scenes.
Phil Saineghi
In memory of Phil Saineghi of J&D Erectors. Phil, his partner Nick Rossi and their team of Local 63 Ornamental Ironworkers literally built much of Chicago's world class skyline. Phil will be deeply missed by his family, friends and business associates.

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