Bad Window Replacement Top 10 Installer Screw-ups

Bad window replacements make Mark Meshulam mad! He shares insights from his 30-year experience as a window contractor. In this article Mark sets the record straight on weather barriers, end dams, shimming, caulking, window adjustment and much more. If you are planning a window replacement, or are struggling with a bad one, you will need this in your hand!

Diagnosing Glass Breakage

Ever wonder why your glass broke? In this article glass expert Mark Meshulam walks you through the basics including the types of glass breakage including impact, thermal stress, edge damage and spontaneous breakage. He also tells you how to minimize injury if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself surrounded or attacked by broken glass. In this download you will find bonus content that is not found in the online article.

Fix Window Air Infiltration Leaks in Cold & Drafty Windows

Winter is the time we rely on our windows to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Sadly (and coldly) this doesn’t always happen. When cold weather comes, thousands of you will be asking, “Why are my windows cold and drafty? There can be many reasons for air infiltration leaks in windows. In this article, which has bonus content not seen on the online version, Mark Meshulam tells you what you need to know about getting control of those nasty drafts!

Leaks and Problems with Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows, also known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows or uPVC (unplasticized PVC) are a ubiquitous part of the residential window landscape, and not only that, there are a lot of them out there. There are many successful installations, but sometimes things go very wrong. Because of the unique properties of PVC, failures with these window products can be unexpected and irreparable. Here’s your chance to learn and be prepared! This article has bonus content, including pics of some juicy failures, that are not found in the online version.

My Windows Leak!

If your windows leak, you have a problem much greater than the appearance of water when it rains. Water leaks damage your property and can lead to mold, so your quick action to fix this problem will be very important. Water leaks in buildings can be a complicated subject and leaks can be unique. So if you have window leaks, first read this article, then do something to fix it! No time to lose. This is important! This article contains bonus content over and above what is provided in the online version.

Window Condensation Top 10 Fixes

When we go into the deep freeze, our bodies endure the new arctic reality with shock. The forgotten pastime known as shivering violently is revisited like a psychoanalytic catharsis. Stinging fingers and cheeks become new unwelcomed sensations. Heavy coats, hats, gloves and scarves came from nowhere to engulf our citizenry. Steam emanates from our mouths. A hopeful few spray cans of deodorant skyward, hoping to accelerate global warming. And condensation forms on our windows! Only the Almighty can change the weather, but there are things we can do to control the window condensation.