Replace Weatherstripping on Drafty Windows

Replace Weatherstripping on Drafty Windows for Winter Comfort   As the winter hawk swoops in bringing chattering teeth and shivering bodies, looking out the window can unpleasant. It’s not just because of the arctic landscape we see out there, it’s also because the windows are darned cold! Your drafty windows are allowing the winter hawk to fly right into your living room. The property manager…

Fix Window Air Infiltration Leaks in Cold & Drafty Windows

Winter is the time we rely on our windows to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Sadly (and coldly) this doesn’t always happen. When cold weather comes, thousands of you will be asking, “Why are my windows cold and drafty? There can be many reasons for air infiltration leaks in windows. 1. Window thermal transmission (R value or U value) A…

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