Test Your Mettle at Construction Research Lab

Mark Meshulam is a construction consultant located in Northbrook, IL. He is an expert in mockup testing. Video: A Visit with Sak 2009 This article, originally written in 2006 is being reprinted here in very fond memory of my friend A.A. Sakhnovsky, a pioneer in the field of building performance mockup testing. Sak passed away onĀ Fathers Day, 2011. He was 85 years old. The Construction…

Window Glazing Leaks

Mark Meshulam’s inside scoop on window glazing and window glazing leaks. The word “glazing” has multiple meanings where windows are concerned. Glazing can be a verb, meaning the act of installing glass into a frame. Glazing can refer to the portion of the assembly which contains the glass or other glazed-in panels. Glazing can also refer more specifically to the means by which the glass…

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