Safety Glass: Is It Really Safe?

Safety glass: Is it doing what you think it does? The term safety glass inspires confidence, however sometimes that confidence is not really justified. The problem lies in the difference between what safety glass is designed to do, and what you might think it does. Since the late 1960’s, good people at such organizations as ANSI, CPSC and other groups have worked hard to develop…

Storm Damage to Windows and Glass

Mark Meshulam is an expert witness and consultant for window & glass storm damage.Although the storm activity of the Windy City can’t even shine the shoes of weather experienced regularly along the coast of the Southern Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico (soon to be converted from an ocean into a Strategic Oil Reserve), we Chicagoans do experience our share of fluky, violent storms. A few…

Annealed Glass, Heat Strengthened Glass, Tempered Glass and Insulated Glass

Annealed, Heat Strengthened, Tempered and Insulated Glass Annealed glass, heat strengthened glass, tempered glass and insulated glass are the main types of glass used on buildings. Each has unique properties and applications. Strength, breakage pattern and thermal properties are key variables. This article will focus on: Annealed glass Heat strengthened glass Tempered glass Insulated glass Annealed glass Annealed glass refers to glass which comes from…

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