Envision the Wind in a Blizzard

Chicago Ground Hog Day 2011 Blizzard – Envision the Wind     On February 1, 2011 at about 3pm, a somewhat rare occurrence took place in Chicago. A real-life blizzard! It continued for 20 hours. Contrary to the misconceptions of some, a blizzard is not distinguished by a large volume of snow, but rather by an intense and pervasive wind. In order to achieve the…

Storm Damage to Windows and Glass

Mark Meshulam is an expert witness and consultant for window & glass storm damage.Although the storm activity of the Windy City can’t even shine the shoes of weather experienced regularly along the coast of the Southern Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico (soon to be converted from an ocean into a Strategic Oil Reserve), we Chicagoans do experience our share of fluky, violent storms. A few…

Wind Loads and Windows for the Very Windy City

Mark Meshulam is an expert witness and consultant for wind damage to buildings. NEW: Download Chicago Window Expert’s Wind Pressure Chart and Calculator Here in the windy city, the pressure of the wind plays a big role in the specification and design of buildings, and especially the part of the envelope we like to lick: the windows and glass. When designing and testing windows, curtainwalls,…

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