Hilberling fall path and blinds blowing out of window

The Tragic Window Fall of Josh Hilberling

Mark Meshulam is a window and glass expert. He served as an expert witness for the defense in the murder trial of Amber Hilberling where she was charged with causing the fatal window fall of Josh Hilberling During the first 24 hours of posting, over 2,000 site visitors read this article. That is a lot for this site. Comments were mostly expressions of sympathy and…

Fixing Window Leaks in Tall Buildings

Mark Meshulam is an expert witness and exterior facade consultant for window leaks in tall buildings.As we head into our rainy season, there are many participants in a relatively recent social experiment – life in a high-rise – who will discover that their “building envelope” is not enveloping them as well as it did last season. Just like a bucket or a car tire, a…

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