How to Protect Your Windows and Glass Against Riots

How to Protect Your Glass and Windows Against Riots By Mark Meshulam, REWC It’s a sad fact of our times that broken glass has become a symbol and symptom of civil unrest. Fueled by covid-related job loss, cabin fever, and turbocharged by 24/7 inflammatory political rhetoric, there is plenty of pent-up energy in the populace. That mostly negative energy spills forth as people sometimes spill…

Hilberling fall path and blinds blowing out of window

The Tragic Window Fall of Josh Hilberling

During the first 24 hours of this posting, over 2,000 site visitors read this article. That is a lot for this site. Comments have mostly been expressions of sympathy and sadness. Some readers also expressed a desire to “clear Amber’s name”. My mission is not to clear the name of Amber Hilberling. My mission is to communicate important aspects of this complex case. You can…

Safety Glass: Is It Really Safe?

Safety glass: Is it doing what you think it does? The term safety glass inspires confidence, however sometimes that confidence is not really justified. The problem lies in the difference between what safety glass is designed to do, and what you might think it does. Since the late 1960’s, good people at such organizations as ANSI, CPSC and other groups have worked hard to develop…

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