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In my last post, your trusty Chicago Window Expert explained that it is important to notify all building residents that a window consultant will come to view their window leak, and to seek as much information as possible about how the window leak presents itself.

I also listed this deceptively simple task:
“Create a customized field survey form based on results turned in by residents.”

Creating a field survey form is a mix of art and science, like alchemy but not as interesting. Luckily for you, Chicago Window Expert is considered the Pharaoh of Forms, the Sultan of Surveys, and yes, the Monarch of Monotony. Because forms and leak surveys, although quite necessary, are distinctly boring.

A good survey form must capture the precise location of the leaks as viewed from both inside and outside the building. Therefore a floor plan of the building is essential. If floor plans are not available, It is important to create one.

A building floor plan is essential for tracking window leaks
A building floor plan is essential for tracking window leaks

The next part of a leak survey form is the listing of issues. These should be keyed to a letter, so that whenever you use the letter “A”, for example, you will know that it means water was reported dripping out of the window handle.

Window experts use an issue list for window leakage surveys
Window experts use an issue list for window leakage surveys

Some very clever window experts create a form which is a combination of location form and issue list. When you survey the building, you simply place letters on the floor plan showing where each type of issue occurs. You will create one page for each floor. This is top secret proprietary stuff, so PLEASE don’t tell anyone!

A form which combines floor plan and issue list.
A form which combines floor plan and issue list.

When performing a field survey, be sure to bring a clipboard for easy handling of the forms, and a camera. If there is a lot of data to collect, a two person team is in order, where one person (the more experienced one) calls out findings to the other person, who has the job of recording the information and getting doughnuts.

And the most important thing to do before starting a window leakage survey – this is based on years of experience – go potty first!

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