Let’s reiterate all the preparation you have done to arrive at this point:

1. You collected anecdotal and general visual information.
2. You notified residents to report window leaks and label them.
3. You scheduled access to units with building management.
4. You created a customized reporting form.
5. You have your camera and know how to use it.

Now it is time to enter units looking for window leaks. You will only enter units which report window leakage. This could be a goodly list on a larger building.

I suggest being accompanied by a building management staff member. This could save you from being sued for a missing vase or broken picture frame. If you do break something, report it (and photograph it) immediately.

If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to be able to speak with the resident, take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the problem. Ask a few background questions, such as,

“How long have you known about this problem?”
“How long after the rain begins do you see moisture on the interior?”
“Is the window leak dependent on the wind speed or direction?”
“Does it ever leak during a cold snap or right after you take a shower?” (This could be condensation.)
“Do you have a humidifier? May I see it? What are the relative humidity settings?”

As you work your way through the building, you will learn much about how humans live. Some are sloppy, some neat. The only universal I have noticed is that if people own a treadmill or other workout equipment, invariably clothing will be hanging from it.

After the survey, immediately scan or duplicate your results and keep the copy safe. You will not want to do that survey again.

Happy window leakage surveying!

Mark Meshulam, Chicago Window Expert, will comprehensively survey your building for water leaks
Mark Meshulam, Chicago Window Expert, will comprehensively survey your building for water leaks

Need to survey your leaks?

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