Hilberling fall path and blinds blowing out of window

The Tragic Window Fall of Josh Hilberling

During the first 24 hours of this posting, over 2,000 site visitors read this article. That is a lot for this site. Comments have mostly been expressions of sympathy and sadness. Some readers also expressed a desire to “clear Amber’s name”. My mission is not to clear the name of Amber Hilberling. My mission is to communicate important aspects of this complex case. You can…

Nickel Sulfide Inclusion and Spontaneous Glass Breakage

Tiny nickel sulfide inclusions (NiS) can cause spontaneous glass breakage Video: This large sheet of tempered glass was broken on purpose to demonstrate the appearance of spontaneous glass breakage due to a nickel sulfide inclusion. Spontaneous glass breakage might happen even when nobody is near the glass. Even though tempered safety glass breaks in small pieces, the pieces can remain interlocked with one another and…

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